Boiler Assessment

Boiler Assessment

How efficient is your boiler? It is essential to know your boiler’s efficiency because it is an important part that directly affects the production process. After operating any boilers for a certain amount of time, many plants such as power plants, industrial food and beverage factories, and rubber plants overlook the importance of assessing the boiler performance. Most plants as mentioned would operate their boilers until the breakdown or boiler efficiency decrease which can lead to boiler production less than their regular capacity and increase in fuel cost. Some of the cause for boilers efficiency decrease are as follows:

1. Heat exchange area decreases due to accumulation of ash

2. Combustion not at an optimum point or inefficiency due to change of fuel from the design point

3. Loss in steam transport line due to leak

4. Leak air in gas piping

Boiler Assessment

Therefore, operation assessment and efficiency assessment of the boiler, which can identify losses and calculate both direct and indirect efficiency by using advanced measurement tools, are essential. After completion of boiler assessment works, the boiler improvement objectives and targets should be set. There are many solutions to enhance the boiler efficiency and thermal/fuel utilization, some examples are as below:

1. Optimization of existing boiler

    1.1 Improvement of combustion efficiency by using automatic boiler control

    1.2 Recirculatation and utilization of boiler outlet/waste heat gas

    1.3 Steam trap replacement or configuration

    1.4 Installation of Organic Ranking Cycle (ORC) in order to convert low-temperature heat source to electricity

2. Installation of a new boiler to improve efficiency

3. Conversion of existing fuel oil boiler to biomass boiler in order to decrease fuel cost

For further information, if you are interested in doing boiler assessment, measure boiler efficiency, install any new boilers, apply Remote Monitoring and Optimization System for real-time performance checking, please think of EPS. We are specialist in providing plant assessment and solution for improving plant efficiency and performance.

Boiler Assessment