Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)

Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)

Key benefits

  • Expense reduction from unplanned breakdowns
  • Online monitoring to help early failures detection
  • Report automatically generate by smartphone applications
  • Time reduction from manually generating reports
  • Unnecessary process reduction
  • Automatically maintain machine records and easy-to-access database
  • SIMs is user-friendly web applications
  • Designed to support Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concept


Building material, Cement, Mineral, Fertilizer, Pulp and paper, Power generation, Feed, Food and Beverage, and etc.


SIMs is the preventive maintenance process that has been continuously developed by specialized and experienced programming team since 1980. The ultimate purpose of SIMs is to enhance the overall capability of machines by using systematic maintenance software. Consisted of 4 modules; Equipment, Plan Maintenance (PM), Job Request (JR), and Plant Performance (PP).


Moreover, smart solutions such as Machine Health Management(MHM), Real Time Machine Condition Monitoring, and Machine Inspection by Mobile can be adopted.

Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)

Scope of service

  • Equipment
    • Manage master plant data: Equipment, Inventory, Employee, Organization, User Group Permission, Contractor, etc.
    • Assign equipment ranking
    • Grouping equipment by Plant, Department, Sub-Department and Machine Group
    • Assign part and create BOM from inventory
    • Upload multiple documents, drawing, flow sheet and picture
    • Equipment history logging
    • Summary view of each equipment: Job Request, Fault Event, Plan Maintenance, Drawing and Parts
  • Plan Maintenance (PM)
    • Maintenance planning with Time Based/ Meter Based
    • Create work instruction, supervisor, lubricant and tools
    • Create Master Calendar of PM & Overhaul Planning Data
    • Create Current Week & Next Week PM Calendar
    • Create next week workload check sheet for supervisor of each department
    • Automatically generate Job Request for specific PM
    • Impact/ Non-impact of postponed PM lists
    • Automatically update machine meter from PP Module
    • PM detail history logging and uploading multiple documents
  • Job Request (JR)
    • Job request tracking
    • Upload multiple documents
    • Contractor cost estimate and comparision
    • Barcode printing
    • Job request searching
    • Workload summary report
    • Job pending report
  • Plant Performance (PP)
    • Fault event logging
    • Analyze chronic problems by defining fault code and standard text
    • Define On Peak and Off Peak Calendar to separate maintenance performance
    • Upload multiple documents
    • KPI reports: RF, MAF, MTBF, MTTR and Running hour
    • Machine continuously runtime
  • Smart maintenance
    • Machine Health Management (MHM)
    • Real time Machine Condition Monitioring
    • Machine Inspection by Smartphone and application
Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)
Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)
Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)
Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)
Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)
Smart Maintenance system (SIMs)