Electrical Solution

Electrical Solution

Key benefits

  • Improve equipment life time
  • Gain reliability and efficiency of power apparatus
  • Increase of MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)
  • Specialized in field of electrical system
  • Reduction of equipment downtime


Building material, Cement, Mineral, Fertilizer, Pulp and paper, Steel, Power generation, Sugar plant, Feed, Food and Beverage, Agricultural, Chemical, and etc.


EPS provides electrical solution for electrical system and motor, main part of almost machine in manufacturing process, which needs accurate data, reliability, continuity, and safety in order to increase power efficiency and readiness of machine. We has long experiences in electrical system care including modern workshop which can perform global standard testing under supervision of professional team.

Electrical Solution

Scope of service

  • Low voltage/Medium voltage motor overhaul and rewinding
    • Inspection and motor cleaning (Casing/ Cooling Fan/ Filter/ Slip Ring and Carbon Brush, and etc.)
    • Inspection and stator cleaning (Cover/ Move and Fix Contact/ Retighten Bus Bar, and etc.)
    • Electrical test (Insulation resistance test/ Winding resistance test)
    • Rotor and stator rewinding
    • Greasing lubrication, and etc.
    • Efficiency test
  • Substation turn-around service
    • Preventive maintenance of medium voltage switchgear
    • Preventive maintenance of main distribution board/ Motor control center
    • Protection relay testing
    • Preventive maintenance of emergency generator
    • Preventive maintenance of transformer
    • Preventive maintenance of battery charger & UPS
    • Preventive maintenance of capacitor
  • Electrical yearly inspection service
    • Annual inspection of electrical equipment
Electrical Solution
Electrical Solution
Electrical Solution
Electrical Solution
Electrical Solution