Plant Assessment

Plant Assessment

Key benefits

  • Maximize plant productivity and reduce operation losses by process assessment to find improvement gap.
  • Prevent machine major breakdown by checking machine health and condition for maintenance preparation.
  • Accurate plant survey for area utilization in solution design.


Building material, Cement, Mineral, Fertilizer, Pulp and paper, Steel, Power generation, Feed, Food and Beverage, and etc.lding


EPS provide plant assessment to check 3 aspects

  • Process assessment to point-out under perform gap and to design plant improvement solution
  • Machine assessment to know machine health and condition in order to plan the preventive maintenance in advance.
  • Site survey to check available area for improvement solution design.
Plant Assessment

Scope of service

  • Process assessment
  • Assess machine condition for maintenance preparation
  • Site survey and measuring by drone technology
Plant Assessment
Plant Assessment
Plant Assessment