Project Management (EPC)

Project Management (EPC)

Key benefits

  • One stop service for Pre-construction, Execution , and After-construction, in P-E-A model of overall project.
  • Comprehensive service for Project execution phase of Engineering, Procurement, Construction work, including Site management.
  • Safety, Time, Quality, and Cost Control by EPS professional team.


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EPS provides one stop services for project management covered from project initiation up till its closure. EPS's services comprised of P-E-A model (Pre-construction, Execution, and After-construction), ranging from Feasibility study, Environmental impact assessment, Permit and Licensing, EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction), Site management, Plant commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, including Consumable supply.

Project Management (EPC)

Scope of service

  • Pre-construction
    • Feasibility study [Study project various aspects of project to maximized return on investment]
    • Environmental impact assessment [Analyse environmental impact report including asking government for project permission]
    • Permit and Licensing [Handling other permits and licenses, e.g. Construction permit, Fire-fighting license, Electricity license, Operation license, Tax incentive.]
  • Execution (EPC)
    • Engineering [Efficient design from expert system integrator team]
    • Procurement [Market competitive with various ecosystem e.g quality fabrication shops and worldwide machine sourcing partners.]
    • Construction and Installation [Partnered with reliable contractors
    • Site management [EPS's long experiences in professional site management especially safety]
    • Plant commissioning [Collaborate with experienced supervisors to fine-tune process]
  • After-construction
    • Operation and Maintenance [ Total solution for operation and maintenance]
    • Waste management [Bottom slag and Fly ash management]
    • Fuel supply [Fuel design, Plantation, Fuel preparation and supply]
    • Spare part supply [Spare part stocking and supply for breakdown and overhual]
Project Management (EPC)
Project Management (EPC)
Project Management (EPC)
Project Management (EPC)
Project Management (EPC)
Project Management (EPC)