Energy Project

Energy Project

Key benefits

  • Maximizing capacity utilization
  • Reducing operating and maintenance cost
  • Improving overall operational efficiency


Boiler : FMCG business
Air Compressor : ETRON business
Air Chiller : Building/ Hospital/ Mall/ Chilled product
Solar Power : any businesses


factories that use more than 2 million megawatts of heat and electricity per year. For reducing operating costs, we have a team of assistants in energy reduction consultation and/or design of energy projects, including investigating and fixing energy efficiency issues. Furthermore, it also includes investment in energy projects to produce energy or increase energy efficiency

Energy Project

Scope of service

The thermal power plant is the service that we provide designs and installs power plants from residual hot wind, internal waste power plants, biomass power plants. We improve energy by inspecting the plant's used fuel, and we design a project of saving energy and reduce energy waste in the production process. Regarding ESCO projects, we invested in machines and systems to escalate energy efficiency such as air compressor, chiller and boiler, which is indicated in 4 modules supported as follows:

  • Boiler
    • Annual combustion performance
    • Accessories inspection
    • Feed water and blow down optimization
    • Condensate water recirculation
    • Thermal losses
    • Air/Fuel adjustment
  • Air Compressor
    • Audit compressor performance
    • Accessories inspection
    • Air leakage test
    • Benchmark as the same business with leading companies in Thailand.
  • Air Chiller
    • Annual efficiency test, including power measurement, flow measurement, power consumption/T.R.
    • Accessories inspection
    • Benchmark as the same business with leading companies in Thailand.
  • Solar Power
    1. Design model
      • Assessment on site
      • Designed solution by professional energy expert
      • Present the benefit and return on investment
      • System design with automated robot cleaning
    2. Install
      • Planning for installation
      • Construction and Installation with quality control following professional site management of EPS.
    3. Service after selling
      • Warranty equipment and installation within 2 years
Energy Project
Energy Project
Energy Project
Energy Project